Memorial: M6592

Gravestone at the Howff, Dundee commemorating Alexander Myles d. 1828


The Howff, Dundee, Scotland


'1818 / Erected / by / Alexander Myles, Jun / Ship Masters Dundee. / in memory of Cathrine Meldrum, his spouse, who died 26th April, 1814; aged 48 years. / Likewise the said Alexander Myles, who died the 14th May 1828 aged 67 years.'


Description: Triangular top headstone. On the front is the above inscription. On the back of the headstone, a globe in the centre of a plain pediment with dentils. Pilasters with Ionic capitals flank a circular relief carving of a single-masted vessel under sail. Below, two crossed ensigns are joined by a seal with two cannons.

Type: Gravestone
Materials: Sandstone
Date Erected: 1818
Artists: T. Bisset


Myles, Alexander
Age: 67
Date of Death: 14/05/1828
Cause of Death: unknown
Rank / Occupation: master
Organisation: unknown


Recorder: B. Tomlinson. 2007.
Photographer: Barbara Tomlinson

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